Aeration System Market Prevalent Opportunities upto 2028

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The process of aeration involves the process of bringing air in contact with water to efficiently get rid of dissolved gases and cut down on the organic load. These systems are usually used to treat wastewater from domestic and wastewater environments.

Fresh Water Scarcity and Industrial Wastewater Regulations to Support Aeration Systems Market Growth

Rapid growth in urbanization is anticipated to play a positive role in the growth of the aeration system market during the forecast period, owing to the acute water scarcity conditions worldwide, arising from declining resources and misuse.

In addition stringent government regulations, such as industrial effluent guidelines by the United States EPA, the Central Pollution Control Board of India, and the EU Water Framework Directive, have mandated the treatment of wastewater by industrial manufacturing businesses, is anticipated to boost the adoption of aeration systems.

On the other hand, prohibitive installation costs, make the adoption of aeration systems for small and medium scale industries difficult, on a global scale. This is anticipated to act as a major constraining factor on the aeration system market in the near future.

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Key Aeration System Market Players Emphasize on Material and Design Improvements to Enhance Performance

With the massive rise in industrial and domestic effluents worldwide the demand for highly efficient and environment friendly aeration systems are anticipated to grow rapidly in the foreseeable future. Market players are investing heavily in research and development to attract new business through performance and durability enhancing improvements.

  • ACG Technology has released a new fine bubble diffusion aeration system which uses a mixture of PVC and titanium dioxide that improves product durability by enhancing protection from wear and tear arising from UV rays. In addition, it also uses anti-rotational piping joints, guide supports that give a significant improvement in uniformity of air distribution and oxygen transfer.
  • Kemira has innovatively made use of chemical coagulants in their aeration systems in addition to biological processes, which claims to reduce energy consumption in the aeration process by half, and can even help in the production of biogas which greatly reduces the impact of effluents on the environment and provides alternative energy sources.
  • Xylem SANITAIRE aeration systems produce the first stainless-steel wide-band, ceramic disc, and high-grade EPDM membrane disc diffuser aeration systems, which provide efficient and durable water treatment solutions in different industrial settings.

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Cost Effective Labor and Favorable Taxes to Sustain the Asia Pacific Aeration Systems Market

Formerly, major players in the aeration systems market had largely based their organizations in Europe and North America, owing to easy access for technology. However, in recent years, manufacturers are increasingly moving their facilities to the Asia Pacific market owing to cost effective labor prices and low taxes, which are supported by further exemptions by local governments in countries such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Myanmar.

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