Innovations Elevate the Growth Prospects for Companies in Grocery Bags Landscape

Grocery bags are available in different variants, including paper, canvas, jute, plastic, cotton, and others. Plastic grocery bags have been utilized majorly over the years owing to several aspects such as water-resistance, transparency, and more. Cotton and canvas grocery bags, on the other hand, are gaining tremendous consumer attention owing to the reusability factor. With the rapidly changing lifestyles, the need for sturdy and durable grocery bags is greatly witnessed across the globe.

Burgeoning Plastic Ban to Fuel Demand for Non-plastic Grocery Bags

The increasing awareness pertaining to the plastics and their adverse effects on the land and water are increasing the concerns worldwide. The increasing plastic menace has greatly influenced leading and emerging governments to set a ban on the plastic usage, thereby creating growth opportunities for non-plastic grocery bags. Leading nations are working in support of the mitigating the challenges associated with plastic. For instance, large-scale supermarkets in Korea witnessed a ban on selling plastic bags. Grocery franchises and supermarkets are prohibited to sell single-use plastic bags by the orders of the Ministry of Environment. Korea’s efforts to gain an environment-friendly ecosystem has had the support of companies and vendors too. E-mart, Lotte Mart, and other five largest grocery and bakery franchises in Korea were witnessed signing a voluntary agreement for reducing disposable waste with the ministry. These factors are expected to majorly influence grocery bags landscape.

Reusable Grocery Bags: Are these Plastic Bag Alternatives Environmental-friendly?

Although the reusable grocery bags are considered a better alternative compared to the plastic bags, if not reused timely, they could be as environmentally harmful as plastic bags. The organic cotton grocery bags must be reused 20000 times before shopping, and if not done so could be equally harmful as most the environmental impact of these bags comes from the process of production and resource consumption including packaging, transport, and disposal.

Innovations Remain at the Heart of Profitability

With the increasing demand for grocery bags coupled with the need for environmentally less harmful alternatives, there are several developments witnessed in the grocery bags market. For instance, the Farzan and Jennifer Dehmoubed, a couple in Carlsbad, on the back of the increasing awareness pertaining to the environmental safety saw an opportunity in the fabric reusable bags. The innovative Lotus Trolley Bags are four bags that fold out on the shopping cart and are designed for carrying different grocery and food items. The couple now availing the incorporation of organizations, these grocery bags are expected to mark the future of grocery bags market.

Grocery Tote Bags: What is the Next New Idea Capturing Consumer Attention?

While there are several grocery bags available in the market, the tote bags are majorly used for grocery shopping. Recognized as an ultimate secondary packaging solutions these tote bags offer a sturdy hold for the items and grocery products carried into them. Grocery tote bags are emerging as a great alternative for conventional plastic bags and others.

Leading Nations Witness Zero-Waste Grocery Shopping with Reusable Tote Bags

The leading nations across the globe are promoting and encouraging zero-waste grocery shopping. This is made possible with the use of reusable tote bags. The European nations, for instance, encourage zero-waste grocery shopping where things are purchased and bulk and the customers carry their own containers and grocery tote bags that they fill up. Similar developments are traced in the US, where the companies are encouraging the trend of refill stores. The new online shopping platform, Loop, set to launch in the US and France in 2019 that delivers products in reusable packaging is one such example. The tote bags market is expected to grow significantly over the forthcoming years. Companies operating in the tote bags market are expected to witness major growth with the increasing demand for tote bags by the end-users.

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